in my former life As a consultant, I was traveling constantly. I spent hours on planes and in hotels around the world each week. I’ve always been keen on art and design, but travel heightened my appreciation and amplified my appetite to create and design things for myself. Old Fourth Ward Light Co is the result of breaking through the fear of leaving stability and control to fully immerse oneself in design-driven entrepreneurship. The goal is to use light as a means to inspire others to create, and to do so in a way that showcases and pays tribute to one’s community.

-PArsa behnamiri, founder

Parsa, Diego, and Nick at Beautify VaHi in Virginia Highlands

Parsa, Diego, and Nick at Beautify VaHi in Virginia Highlands



Parsa Behnamiri — Owner, founder, lighting enthusiast.

Diego Pinasco — Designer, manager, VP, logistics, sales, lover of the arts, can be distracted by dogs, renaissance man.

Nick Bertasi — Sales, marketing, buys coffee sometimes, enjoys a cold beer after a long day of selling lamps.



"I literally threw away every other lamp I owned after buying the Manikin Lamp" — Someone, probably

"The most significant design innovation since the Eames lounge chair. " — Our own opinion

"The best purchase I made since my vasectomy. " — Literally every single man who has bought a lamp from us