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What’s all the fuss about?

All about Old Fourth ward light co


About Old fourth ward Light co

Started in the summer of 2018, Old Fourth Ward Light Co. is the result of testing the possibilities of unique product design. What started out as a personal project (the pursuit of a one-of-a-kind desk lamp) turned into the creation of prototypes, that eventually led to the launching of a brand. Old Fourth Ward Light Co. strives to create lighting fixtures that inspire and stand out in any space.


Pinkies Up

The Manikin lamp by old fourth ward light co


The manikin lamp

The Manikin Lamp is a tribute and homage to the use of materials in unusual and creative ways. Furthermore, the lamp shows that lighting fixtures can be statement pieces, capable of transforming the energy of a space, and hence, the energy of its occupants. We wanted to create a lamp for the creative and the curious, something interactive, unique, and ever-changing. We also strive to craft everything we produce with care and attention. Each and every Manikin Lamp is assembled and tested by hand in our studio in Atlanta, Georgia, packed and shipped with love, and guaranteed to inspire and stand out on arrival.



  • Lotus Wood with a variety of stains and coatings

  • Base available in nickel or brushed gold finish

  • Fully articulating middle, ring, and pinky fingers

  • Accommodates any standard filament or LED lightbulb (E26 socket)

  • 8-ft Braided black and brown houndstooth cord

  • Retro butterfly-dial socket switch